Three Aspects of Christ's Cross
Stripped and Humbled
Love for the Word
Son of David, Son of Abraham
Receive to Reign
For His Mercy Endures Forever
Truth in the Inward Parts
Christ, Our Offering of Peace
Logos and Rhema
Safe Over Deadly Waters
Who Can Find a Man of Truth?
Redeeming Time
The Excuses for Not Going
The Testimony of a Disciple
The Testimony of God
Three Types of Obedience
The Function of Each Member
Perfecting the Saints
God's Good Will
Receiving Those Whom Christ Has Received
The Measures of Christ
Three Phrases
The Trinity Present
Purifying the Temple
Faith, Hearing and the Word
To Caesar and to God
Who Falls on Whom?
Those that Ask for Miracles
The Man with the Mutilated Finger
Looking at Death Face to Face
Jesus: Our Resurrection
The Queen Who Came from the South
Unforgettable Memories
Not Only Mountains, Also Valleys
Two Children
An Unknown
Restoring Peter
The Delicate Touch of His Hand
The Wounded Stone
The Misfortune of Capernaum
The Deaf and Stuttering
The First Minion
The Time of the Lord
He Did Not Open His Mouth
Pilate's Question
Severe with His Soul
Lord of Saturday
Bethany, a Type of the Church
The Heavens Were Opened to Him
The New Wine
God's Will: Our Sanctification
Separation: God's Standard
To Be Holy Is To Be Separate
Cain or Abel?
A Man Without Discernment
Between the Nile and the Euphrates
Me and Mine
Sanctification: Past, Present and Future
The Worst Sin
The Three Gospels
Two Prayers
The fullness of Christ
Are you saved?
God’s Poem (1)
God’s Poem (2)
The Manifold Wisdom of God
Battered By the Waves
The Law of the Spirit
A Broken Heart
Nimrod and Babylon
Two Ways of Waiting
The 'Stop' Sign
Me, My Worst Enemy
Life in the Spirit
Witnesses (1)
Witnesses (2)
Members One of Another
All the Saints
Knowing the Love of Christ
Luminaries in the World
Sentences of Sanity
Pilate, the Politician
Humbling Ourselves Under the Hand That Defends Us
Two Reactions to God's Discipline
God's Persistence
A Beautiful Figure of the Church
Behind the World's Back
The Way of John
Each One of You
Making Crooked Paths Straight
Dwelling in Christ
Exemplary Matthew
Moses' Dilemma
With a Dress in His Hand
Three Altars
John's Vision
Tapestries Woven by God
Experiences with the Holy Spirit
Apelles, Approved in Christ
Sent and Friend
Seeing and Hearing the Father
Approved Before God
God's Ample Provision
The Battle and the Race
John Was the Voice, Christ Is the Word
The Major Marriage
Lot’s Tragedy
Why Jacob?
The Justice of the Law
The Magna Carta of the Kingdom
A Laudatory Testimony
Restoring All Things
The Need To Be Sent
Necessary Training
Moses as a Type of Christ
The Widow and the Prophet
Three Representative Men
Is Death the End of Everything?
Eyes Fixed on Jesus
God of Covenants
The Red Sea and the Jordan
In Defense of Brotherly Love
"This Also Shall Not Go Well With You"
The Salvation of the Family
When Ornament Becomes Arrogance
Known in Advance
Prophetic Actions
Correcting Motivations
"Jehovah Will Not Be With You"
Discovering Christ's Sufficiency
The True Unity
Accepting the One God Accepts
Valuing the Lord's Words
The Cross in Marriage
A Call for True Freedom
Participating in Intimate Knowledge
Times of Salvation
No Prophet Is Honored In His Own Land
The Hour of Revelation (1)
The Hour of Revelation (2)
Entering the Way of the Cross
The Place of Christ in the Father's Heart
Sweeping Away the Sectarian Spirit
The Right Choice
The Desire To Be the Greatest
"Consummated is"
The Heart of Elijah
The Vineyard (1)
The Vineyard (2)
The Man God Uses
Back to the Beginning (1)
Back to the Beginning (2)
Early and Without Ceasing
Praise, the Power of God
Three Allegories
The Major Allegory
Joy in Tribulation
God's Ways and the Challenges of the End Time (1)
God's Ways and the Challenges of the End Time (2)
The Second Man
We Are Responsible
Who Accommodates Whom?
Judges or Deliverers?
The Path of Brokenness
Recurring Grace
Grace and Truth (1)
Grace and Truth (2)
Grace and Truth (3)
Grace and Truth (4)
The Freedom of the Word
Together with Him and with All the Saints
Who Can Raise House to Him?
Solemn Preparations
The Kind of Men Who Collaborate with God
Spiritual House and Holy Priesthood
The Tabernacle
The Ark
The Propitiatory
The Table of Shewbread
The Candlestick
The Tabernacle (The Coverings)
The Tabernacle (The Materials)
The Tabernacle (The Veils)
The Bronze Altar
The Atrium
Priestly Garments
Consecration of Priests
The Altar of Incense
The Bronze Fountain
The Promise of the Spirit
The Truth of the Gospel
Spiritual Service (1)
Spiritual Service (2)
A Life Perfectly Lived
The Key To Rest
Special and insignificant
The Cycle of Death
God's Clock
Vision and Proof
They Saw No One But Jesus Alone
Believing and Trusting without Seeing
Two Forms of Irrigation
Cities of Refuge
The Leaven of the Pharisees
The First and the Last
The Christian Dawn
The Lesson of Forgiveness
The Honor of Serving the Son
Jacob's Struggle
Cleansing Ourselves
The Name of True Riches
Bread and Water
Those that miss out on the feast (1)
Those that miss out on the feast (2)
Neither Poverty Nor Riches
A Double Miracle of Love
Three Kinds of Water
The Pain of God's Heart (1)
The Pain of God's Heart (2)
The Pain of God's Heart (3)
From Higher Up
A New Indweller
From Dust to Precious Stone
Christ Makes the Difference
Spirit of Rapture
You Are Not Alone
Chosen By Grace
Hear His Voice and Follow Him
Christ, Full Satisfaction
The Experience of the New Birth
Turning the Hearts to the Children
Expressing Christ
Neither Signs Nor Wisdom
The Bible of Cain and Abel
Saved Without Faith?
The Fear of Death
Beyond the Soul
Canaan as the Church Figure
The Fire of God
The Breath of God
The Water of God
The Oil of God
The Dove of God
The Seal of God
Spiritual Growth
We Have An Advocate
Know Him and Understand Him
The Need for Pressure
Returning to the Fountain
Unconscious Decadence
Life That Serves
The Lessons of the Fig Tree
The Mystery of Marriage
Back to the Beginning
Sin in the Believer
Why Do Christians Suffer?
Behind and Not Ahead
Wisdom, Knowledge and Joy
Unleashing the Colt
Sleeping on the Headboard
In His Presence
Job's Justice
Springs in the Desert
The Foolish and Tasteless Salt
Accusation and Forgiveness
Strain the Gnat
Five Women
Faith, Works and Testimony
Beautiful for God
Do Not Ask Me for More
Not a Vase, But a Channel
By Him Are All Things
The Problem of Anger
The Sword That Pierces the Soul
The Firm Foundation
Although it Delays a Little
A Strange Form of Sanctification
The Fear of God
The Poor of the Earth
Nothing from One's Own Heart
Equal, But Different
From the Individual to the Collective (I)
From the Individual to the Collective (II)
Cowardly and Brave
"Revive me"
The Plain and the Mountain
The Language of Slavery
Discarded and Exalted
To Settle or To Leave
The Purpose of Parables
Two Concordant Voices
Not the Mind, but the Heart
The Heavenly Tabernacle
A New Heart
The Widow of Zarephat
Taking Up Our Cross
Saving Our Garden
The Promised Land
Faith and Unbelief
Overcoming the Obstacles of Prayer (1)
Overcoming the Obstacles of Prayer (2)
Overcoming the Obstacles of Prayer (3)
Overcoming the Obstacles of Prayer (4)
The Parable of the Ten Virgins
Words of Life
Enemies of the Cross
The Good Shepherd
Two Kinds of People
Canaan as a Type of Christ
The Shouts of God
Believing in God or Believing God?
Two Foals
By Faith or by Sight?
To the Lord Rather Than to Men
Responding to Present Needs (1)
Responding to Present Needs (2)
Responding to Present Needs (3)
Responding to Present Needs (4)
Responding to Present Needs (5)
Responding to Present Needs (6)
Three Aspects of the Kingdom
The Man That Was Born Blind
Piety and contentment
Piety and Doctrine
Piety and Youth
Piety and Family
Piety and Woman
The Sheep Door
The Bread of Life
The Will of Christ
You Will Receive Power
Strengthened with Power
Examples in Suffering
Times of Repentance
Urim and Thummim
Peter Had Been with Him
First to the Lord
Christ in Us
Strings of Love
Some of Matthew's Secrets
Spiritual Struggles
Metaphors of a Worker
The Priorities of a Believer
Recommending Christ
The Glory of the Heavenly Man
Affliction and Joy
Priestly Ministry
An Ancient Commandment
Who Are the Children of God?
The Battle of Faith
Resting without Fear
The Madness of Preaching
The Wise Virgins
Chosen in Weakness
If He Is with Us
Living Like Little Birds
The Word Was Made Flesh
Christ, the Mystery of God
Christ, Head of the Church
Unfeigned Faith
Personal Restoration
From Infants to Mature Children
Losing to Gain
Moving towards Maturity
If I Don't Have Faith, Can I Be Saved?
Secrets of Personal Prayer
Martha and Mary
Restoring Vision
Leaving Childhood (1)
Leaving Childhood (2)
Leaving Childhood (3)
Moving towards Perfection (1)
Moving towards Perfection (2)
Moving towards Perfection (3)
For the Glory of God
God's Solid Foundation
Turning Our Hearts to Our Children
A Strange Way to Save
The Statue and the Church
How Can Man Be Accepted by God?
Patience, Consolation, Hope and Peace
For of Him, by Him and for Him
From His Side
Just Like Christ
A New Reality
The Maturity of Betania
Guided by the Spirit
How To Find Rest (1)
How To Find Rest (2)
How To Find Rest (3)
How To Find Rest (4)
How To Find Rest (5)
How To Find Rest (6)
Three Types of Rapture
God's Eternal Purpose
Reflecting God's Work
Breaking with the Past
Goodness and Benevolence
God's Love
Man Is Not the Center
Human Wickedness
The Perfect Love
The Price That Has To Be Paid
Flesh Is Useless for Nothing
More Important Than Birds
Stephen, the Precursor
John, the Precursor
Workers in the Harvest
Bitter Weeping
The Work of God
Two Revelations
Accepting God's Timing
The Samaritan Woman
The Paralytic of Bethesda
A New Creation
The Difference Is in the Parents
Living with a Single Goal
The Lord Had Some Explaining To Do
The Power of Prayer
Everything Begins in God
The Consequences of Seeing
From Thunder to Gentle Whistles
Precocity versus Maturity
How Believers Should Raise Their Children
The Basic Sin
Forgiven to Forgive
Perfected by Afflictions
The Simple Good and the Complex Good
Not To Make the World Our Home
The Ministry of a Woman of God (1)
The Ministry of a Woman of God (2)
Where is the Treasure?
The Bonsai Master
Hearing Like Abraham
Working and Believing
Abraham without Children
The Two Sons of Abraham
All Things in Common
Christ, the Beginning and the End
Perfection Through Testing
Signs of the Times
The Meaning of Testing
Investors in Wisdom
Spiritual Depression
Worries, Riches and Pleasures
The Gentleness of the Lord
Good Plans
Hearing God Today
The Center of God's Message
The Path of Justice
Israel's Failure to Achieve Justice
God's Amazing Justice
Where to Lay His Head
It Was I Who Sinned
Malchus' Ear
The Blind Man of Bethsaida
There Was No Voice for Him
Between Devotion and Betrayal
The Man
The Emotion of an Old Man
Who Are the Blessed?
Water of Life
Shepherd and King
Into the Hands of Sinful Men
Away with This Man!
The Hebrew Servant
The Seven Pillars
Very Close to the Lord
In Christ, for Us
The Abominations of Israel
Crying for Jerusalem
Tell Archippus...
Profile of an Approved Teacher
The Time of Visitation
Our Good Is Already Prepared
The Two Visions of Jesus
The One Who Is from the Beginning
Remember Jesus Christ
Accepting God's Test
The Worst Blindness
The Christian Experience in Ephesians
Crises and God's Will
A Lucrative Change
The Privilege of Abraham
Reigning in Life
Sons According to the Flesh and Sons of Promise
The Blessing of Abraham
Proclamation and Confession of the Gospel
The Spiritual Winter
A Remnant Chosen by Grace
Included in Christ (1)
Included in Christ (2)
Slaves Again
If Ye Shall Hear His Voice This Day...
Justified and Enjoyable
The Spiritual Springtime
Abraham and Paul (1)
Abraham and Paul (2)
Living by Faith
Abel, Enoch and Noah
The Personal Christ and the Corporate Christ
The Spiritual Summer
According to the Order of Melchizedek
Two Glorious Ministries
Grace, Today
New Covenant Privileges
Believe and Hope
Three Epistles About Faith
The Spiritual Autumn
Between Devotion and Betrayal
From the Dunghill to the Throne
Body Dimension
The Three Periods of Salvation
Forgive and Purify
Spirit of Stupor
Delivered Personally
Fruit that Remains
The King's Table
In the Wilderness
Renewal of the Mind
Christ, a Mystery Now Revealed
The Lord Protects Our Family
The Gospel for Christians
The Gospel of Grace
Waiting on Grace
From Above
The Light of Communion
The Loss of Freedom (1)
The Loss of Freedom (2)
I Did Not Expect That
When the Earth Rules Heaven
The New Regimen of the Spirit
Faith, Righteousness and Promise
Jesus, the Prince of Peace
With Outstretched Hand
You Have Little Strength
The Choice of a Man and a People
How God Gets a Man and a People
The Omission of Moses
The Presumption of Israel
Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness
Fountain and River
There Is No Work in Vain for God
The Tribute of His Brothers
In the Middle of His Days
To Be with Him
What You Ask for, You Get
Do Not Touch the Doves
The Fish Which You Have Now Caught
The Last Song
A Wonderful Fourfold Vision
Two Necessary Visions
The Spirit of Fellowship
The Paralytic from Bethesda
On A Gloomy Day
This Is the Blessing
Keep Your Sword
Be Diligent
Why He Saved You?
Trust in Divine Providence
God Has Only One Answer
Surrender Everything to Him!
God Will Laugh at Them
Not Always the Easy Is the Best
The First Fruits
Open Hands
Firm to the End
Isaac's God
Near You
The Gift of the Spirit
The Echo of a Distant Voice
When We See
The Secret of God's Will
Those Who Ask for Signs
If I Don't Love Him Enough…
Three Operations of the Pain
With All Our Being
The Design of Paul's Life
The Rod of the Vine
The Sad Fate of the Gadarenes
Others, Not Himself
I Believed, For Which I Spoke
The Rock That Accompanies Us
Ask Moses
Anger vs. Peace and Joy
King of Justice and King of Peace
To the End
Peter´s Conversion
On His Own Authority
Faith Counted for Righteousness
So Close To Me
The Rest of the Lord
The Beauty of the Son
Are You the Christ, the Son of God?
A Glorious Name
Broken with a Purpose
A Greater Privilege
The Purpose of Pain
Two Men
The Ones You Gave Me
Hearing, Faith and the Wonders of God
The Power of Forgiveness
A Great Difference
Have You Received God's Salvation?
The Pain of the Excluded Christ
Let Us Consider His Creation
Growing Through Suffering
Have to Fight?
Wings fot Tomorrow
Peter's Confession
The Experience of Contemplating Jesus
Difficulties Teach
The Purpose of the Pain
Touch the Living God
Starting the Daily Workday
Living in the Height
Too Soon or Too Late?
The Master Opens the Scriptures
A Renewed Will
How Can Man Be Accepted by God?
Drawn to Faith
Two Kinds of Riches
Riding on the Storm
Good and Evil
Fruits of Righteousness
The Natural Law
An Invitation Rejected
Failure of Christianity?
Christ, Our Victory
The Need for Brokenness
Difficult Times
From Darkness to Light
Wedding Garments
Test and Temptation
The Blessing of Adversity
Blessing in Spite of Suffering
God's Work in Us
Our True Identity
The Great Theater of Human Life
In the School of God
The Time of God
Not By Works
A Christ in Fullness
The Blessings of Prayer
When We See God
The Maturing Believer
Leading a Soul to Christ
Forgetting What Was Left Behind
When We Want to Run Away
The Hope of Glory
The Only Reliable Guidance
Working in the Lord's Vineyard
Depending on God in everything
The True Rest of God
Everything Depends upon God
The Fruit of the Spirit
For the Glory of God
A Matter of Life
To Go Up Is to Go Down
A Righteous Christian
The Obedient Soul
An Approved Worker
Hidden in God
Restored to the Calm
Our Resting Place
God Is Going On
“Steps” in the Christian Life
The Enjoyment of a Present Christ
The Sweet Savor of Christ
Keeping the Lights Burning
Distinguishing Spirit from Letter
Fire in the Heart
The Little Things
Precious Blood
The Rivers Will Flow
A Joy Unspeakable and Full of Glory
The Secret Life
The Sense of God's Presence
Sanctifying Power
Victory Is a Gift
Tears for the Lord´s Work
Get Out and Get Away
Perfection in Weakness
God's Supreme Gift
Everyone Has His Work
The Master's Will
Christ, Our Life
A Good Conscience
Christ, Our Treasure
His Grace Is Sufficient
The Lord, Our Recompense
The Hope of His Coming
One Thing Is Needful
The Word and the Spirit
Sin and Restitution
Free to Run the Race
The Holy Spirit Is Here
Always Looking Beyond
A Nobler Note
The Doctrine of Humility
A Blessed Life
Fullness of Faith
Living by Christ and for Christ
The Authority of Scripture
The Seed that Comes to Life

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